The Astrology Oddcast

7 Years Later

Episode Summary

This episode was recorded 2 hours after I returned home from Dr Joe Dispenza's Week Long Advance Retreat - it's a download of everything that it inspired in me. Some comments on the retreat, the work he is doing and everything I'd like to explore over the next few years!

Episode Notes

This podcast made when I was sleep deprived but very wired and excited! I share my initial experience of Joe Dispenza... HE'S A MYSTIC who is successfully proving the power of mediations through SCIENCE!

And all that woke up, made sense and was reaffirmed in me during my days at the retreat!

I share my story and all the things I've studied, enjoyed, experienced up to this point. Living in Padua, Switzerland, Rome, Austria - living a Sagittarius best life. Studying Natural Sciences, working at the Vatican and how my life has also been about mystical experiences, science (the science of Astrology too!) and my big goal is to put it all together and promote more health and healing through improved relationships and medical astrology.


QUESTION IS - what shall I call the next iteration of the Podcast?